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Two ‘Deadly’ Chemicals Found In First Pill Test Trial In Oz

Australia’s first pill testing trial has just taken place at Canberra’s Groovin The Moo festival, with reports saying that two “deadly” substances were discovered.

Thousands of festival-goers showed up to the University of Canberra for the music event on Sunday which received a last-minute tick of approval from the ACT government for a STA-Safe pill testing tent to be set up at the gates.

The testing allowed medical professionals to scrape and analyse samples of illicit drugs using an infrared spectrophotometer and then inform participants what chemicals were found inside.

Matt Noffs, a member of the STA-Safe consortium and chief executive of the Noffs foundation published the results of the history making service on twitter, saying that 128 people participated and 85 samples were tested.

The tests also showed that two samples contained chemicals that were potentially deadly, which meant that the testing was a success in terms of reducing harm.

Fifty per cent of pills tested contained ‘other’ substances like lacers, sweetener or paint while another fifty per cent was listed as pure MDMA.

Police did not enter the testing tent during the festival and all participants were kept anonymous. However, one person was arrested at the festival on drug charges.

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