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'Turnstiles & Online Ticketing' In Future For Sydney Beaches

When you think about the changes that we might see in the future some weird and wacky things may come to mind. But we bet you never thought you'd see the day that you'd have to purchase tickets to visit one of Sydney's famous beaches.

But according to former NSW Premier Bob Carr, this prediction is imminent in Sydney's future unless we do something to control migration intake.

Speaking to ABC TV's Four Corners program, Bob Carr has warned that one day we will see fences, turnstiles and online ticketing used to control access to recreational spaces. He says that this is a result of a population boom caused by a lack of control over migration.

"When you contemplate the eastern suburbs of Sydney, access to the beaches, which is a natural space, recreational space, what do you do?", Mr Carr said to the ABC program.

"Do you have fences and turnstiles? When the population around Bondi, for example, reaches the sort of intensified level that means the roads are choked most days in Summer, do you start to ration access to the coastal walking trails along the coast?

"And down the national park? Fences, turnstiles, online ticketing. I mean that's the sort of dystopia that we can see coming at us through the mist."

Mr Carr has always been opinionated on Sydney's population, declaring in 2000 that the city was "full".

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