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Tomorrow Will Be The COLDEST Day In Sydney This Year!

If you’ve been wondering where winter went this week, you’re certainly not alone.

With nights getting a little warmer of late, it’s caused people to forget about the chill factor and let down their guard a little.

Well we’re sorry, but it was a false alarm.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, winter is coming - well, a cold front is approaching (but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool to say... pardon the pun).

It means that COLD wind is on the way, with Wednesday set to be the coldest day of the year so far.

And while the forecast for Syd is around 13 or 14 degrees, the chill in the wind will be more like 10 degrees.

The low for the day could get down to 3 degrees in some areas.

So later tonight, when the cold front is set to roll in, the freezing air mass behind it will cause the mercury to dip even lower.

In New South Wales a severe weather warning has been issued for damaging winds for people in the South Coast, Snowy Mountains and parts of the Illawarra, Southern Tablelands, South West Slopes and Australian Capital Territory Forecast Districts.

The weather forecast for Sydney is looking drier than Melbourne, but winds are set to pick up, increasing to 55km per hour on Tuesday morning, before petering off in the afternoon.

'Wednesday will be windy and cold with a top of 14 degrees, it will be a pretty cold day for Sydney but mostly sunny with patches of cloud a bit later on and a bit of sunshine,' Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott said.

'When it's 14 degrees it will feel closer to around 10 or 11 degrees at times on Wednesday.' Towards Thursday and Friday and later on once that's passed, a large high pressure system will be coming in, bringing colder mornings for Victoria and New South Wales, sunny conditions and lighter winds.

Source: Daily Mail

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