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Toddler Bitten By One Of The World's Deadliest Snakes

A two-year-old central Queensland boy is gradually improving but remains in intensive care in a Brisbane hospital after being bitten three times by a deadly coastal taipan.

Eli, from Agnes Waters, suffered the snake bites when he was collecting eggs from his family's chicken pen more than a week ago.

He suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be revived by paramedics before being airlifted to the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital.

Eli is on life support, with his parents Brittany and Giles at his bedside, as doctors plot the best course for a full recovery.

The coastal taipan is the third most venomous snake in Australia and one of the deadliest in the world.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by family friend Blake Hyland to help aid his recovery with more than $21,000 of the $20,000 goal already raised by Tuesday morning.

Writing on the fundraising site, Eli's mother thanked people for their kindness, revealing Eli was being prepped for a move from ICU to the neurology ward on Tuesday.

"This whole event has really shown us the capacity of the human spirit and seeing so many people come together to help another has been truly a blessing in disguise," Brittany said.

However, she said there was still a long road to recovery for her son.

"Eli has suffered some brain damage as a result of his cardiac arrest and subsequent lack of oxygen to the brain. We won't know the extent until he starts to come too a bit more," she wrote.

"He is very sensitive at the moment, very easily over stimulated. Speaking with Neurology Dr today, she is gathering her team to run all his necessary tests and start his rehabilitation ASAP. This will take weeks maybe months.

"The area of his brain that has been affected the most is the occipital lobe, responsible for interpreting what he sees, so our spectrum is from Eli being unable to recognize objects, to hallucinations, to blindness.

"He also may have some motor function impairment. We have no idea the extent but we also have no expectations.

"We are now ready to walk this path with our little boy, the past is the past and he is changed forever. So are we."

AAP/Staff Writers

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