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Today Marks Thirty Years Since The Melbourne Shooting

Today we remember the eight people whose lives were taken during the Queen Street massacre, thirty years on from the tragic event.

A wreath will be laid this morning outside the former Melbourne GPO building, now an H&M on the corner of Queen and Bourke Streets in Melbourne; the location where failed law student Frank Vitkovic went on a shooting spree thirty years ago.

On December 8, 1987, Vitkovic shot dead eight people before jumping from the eleventh floor of the building to his death.

Vitkovic made his way to the Australia Post building just after 4pm with the intent of killing his former classmate Con Margelis.

He went to the fifth floor of the building to find Margelis and attempted to shoot him point blank, but the gun misfired and Margelis was able to escape.

Vitkovic then opened fire randomly killing eight innocent people.

A memorial service will follow the wreath laying ceremony at St Michael's Church to honour Judith Morris, Nancy Vignone, Rodney Brown, Catherine Dowling, Julie McBean, Michael McGuire, Marianne Van Ewyk and David Spencer, the victims of the massacre.

Readers in need of support or information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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