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Bad News! There May Not Be Enough Cherries This Christmas!

The Aussie Christmas is about to change as we may not be able to eat one of our favourite foods this year.

Our fair land is in the midst of a cherry crisis, with the stoned fruit expected to cost an extra $5 a kilogramme this season.

Coles have already rushed to issue an apology, telling customers that rain had caused their cherries to swell and split, which means they will have a limited supply.


Woolworths are currently selling cherries for almost $20 a kilo, and punnets are $7.

New South Wales Growers’ Association President Fiona Hall has said that the season as currently three weeks behind and crops are down by between 50 and 60 percent.

Demand for cherries is at an all time high during December, with the fruit a symbol of Christmas in Australia.

It isn’t just cherries that will be affected. However, coconut supplies are around the world are down.

Supplies are down due to ‘’storms, droughts and Lethal Yellowing disease, which is spread by plant-hopping insects.’’

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