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This National Park Shoots Poachers To Protect Their Rhinos

In the war against vile poachers which sees animals such as elephants and rhinos being killed for their tusks and horns, one organisation in India has decided to take a strong stance by implementing a shoot to kill policy on all trespassers.

Kaziranga National Park in India has heavily armed guards on sight 24/7, and the radical policy has seen thousands of rare Indian one-horned rhinos saved as a result.

So far, the BBC reports that the park has shot and killed 50 alleged poachers who were after rhino horn.


The horns can be sold for as much as $US6,000 for 100g which makes it even more valuable than gold.

Locals believe the horns possess  ‘magical properties’ however rhino horn is largely composed of keratin, the same material as your fingernails.

The park was first founded almost a century ago, and only a handful of Indian one-horned rhinoceros were protected. Now, the park hosts more than 2,400,  two-thirds of the world’s population.

By 2015 more people were shot dead by the park’s guards than rhinos were killed by poachers.

While some might consider that something to celebrate as all those killed were poachers, there have been reports of innocent locals being injured, including a disabled boy who was shot while herding cows.


Avdesh, who works as a ranger, told the BBC:

“The instruction is whenever you see the poachers or hunters, we should start our guns and hunt them.”

“Fully ordered to shoot them. Whenever you see the poachers or any people during night-time we are ordered to shoot them,”

Park director Dr. Satyendra Singh, says:

“First we warn them – who are you? But if they resort to firing we have to kill them. First we try to arrest them, so that we get the information, what are the linkages, who are others in the gang?”

Incredibly while such a high number of poachers have been killed he believes as many as 300 locals are still involved in poaching.


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