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This Is Your LAST Chance To Vote In The Marriage Survey

Australians are running out of time to have their say, with postal voting no longer an option.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will be receiving votes until 4.30pm today but if the forms have not been posted, they will only be counted if voters return them to ABS offices directly.

The ABS estimated last week that more than 12.3 million people, or 77 per cent of eligible votes had participated in the postal survey.

A new Essential Poll in The Guardian on Tuesday poll shows suggests 64 per cent of 1792 respondents said they had ticked the "yes" box.

Thirty one per cent were 'no' voters and five per cent declined to answer.

Of the 86 per cent of people who have said they voted, more were over the age of 55 (94%) than people under the age of 35 (80%).

Votes today can be dropped off at ABS offices in Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth. The ABS offices in Melbourne's Docklands are closed for the public holiday.

The ABS will continue to count the votes ahead of announcing the results next Wednesday, November 15.

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