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This Is The Most Heartwarming Moment From The Games So Far

For every gold medal won and race lost, a golden moment between countries - and friends - makes everything else just seem less important.

For me, the best moment I’ve seen at the Games was between USA track field star Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin.

While competing against each other in the 5,000-metre race, Hamblin stumbled and fell on the track, D’Agostino, who followed behind her, tripped over her in a shocking display.

Instead of carrying on, she stopped to ensure her competitor could get up. Both women resumed the race, but D’Agostino soon realised that she was injured and fell to the ground herself.

This time, instead of carrying on the race, it was Hamblin who stopped to check on her U.S. rival. With her help, D’Agostino managed to cross the finish line.

According to People, D'Agostino finished over two minutes after the first-place runner, but she just seemed proud to have crossed the finish line period.

Better yet, Hamblin was there for D'Agostino all of the way. At the finish line, the New Zealander cried out, "She needs some help," and, "She needs medical."

The runners hugged and held hands until D'Agostino was whisked off in a wheelchair. The best part is, it’s not the end of D’Agostino.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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