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One Household Bill That Is About To Get More Expensive

Australians who are already struggling to pay their heating bills could be about to hit with even more charges, with experts saying ‘’the real pain hasn’t hit yet.’’

Australia’s biggest three retailers have raised rates for peak hours by 10 percent over the last year, but Japanese households are currently paying less for the same product.

Investment analyst Bruce Robertson told News Crop that he predicts there will be another gas price rise in the next six months because there is no competition.

“We’ve got so much gas here, it’s ridiculous,” Mr Robertson said. “But if they restrict supply, they get super prices for their gas.’’

Mr Roberston has now written a report on the issue and says that the only reason prices rises are happening is ‘’because they can,’’ going on to say “(Gas companies) have formed a cartel on the Bass Strait, and they’re controlling the Australian market.’’

It was revealed in July that Japanese households are paying on average 33 per cent less for Australian gas than local consumers.

Source: Herald Sun

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