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More Bad News For The Melbourne Teenager Bitten By Fleas

The teenager who was viciously mauled by sea fleas has become wheelchair bound.

Sam Kanizay is currently still in the hospital recovering after being bitten by the creatures on Saturday.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Sam’s father said “We’ve been told he will have to be in a wheelchair for a while due to the injuries,”

“Walking is still causing pain for him so the wheelchair will help to ease the pain and aid in his home recovery once he’s released.”

He went on to tell the newspaper that Sam has not lost his love for the ocean and wants to jump back in as soon as he can.

“We don’t want people to fear the bay because we aren’t and our family will continue swimming and celebrating the ocean,” he said.

“This type of incident doesn’t happen all the time and we've treated it as a really rare case.”

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