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The Truth Behind Salim Mehajers Sister Beauty Pageant Win

The shocking secrets behind the controversial beauty pageant won by Salim Mehajer's sister have finally been revealed.

A stylist who worked at the Miss Lebanon Australia beauty pageant has spoken about bullying, 'catfights' and even fraudulent entry attempts to the event.

Zooka Alameddine, 36, has defended Mary Mehajer's win back in 2016, saying she won legitimately and that her brother Salim Mehajer's sponsorship of the event wasn't a factor.

Alameddine claims Ms Mehajer simply won because she did not use products such as botox or face-fillers.


Controversy surrounded the win when it was revealed that as well as Salim's sponsorship, Mary's then-18-year-old's sister Aiisha was part of the event's organising committee.

The pair's involvement resulted in angry contestants claiming that the pageant as 'rigged'.

Ms Alameddine said 'The best way we can make the rumours go away is by highlighting the reasons someone won – that it was on their own merit and not because of their family.'

Alameddine referenced contestants who use botox and other face-fillers, 'We like our pageant contestants to have natural beauty,' she said. 

Daily Mail

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