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Sweet Royal Moment That Brought The Audience To Their Feet

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue their whirlwind tour of Canada, we caught up with The Australian Women's Weekly editor Juliet Rieden, who is on the ground with the young royals.

Ahead of tomorrow's expected appearance of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Juliet gives us the lowdown on the mood in Canada, how important it is for the Cambridges to be in the country and the unexpectedly touching moment that brought an entire audience to their feet.

Royal impressions

According to Juliet, the appearance of George and Charlotte was "incredible" - and "kind of ridiculous".

"There were 100 media gathered for these two, a three-year-old and a one-year-old, to come off the plane, but you don't get a lot of opportunities to take a lot of pictures of the young royals and we haven't seen them for a little bit.

"Prince George really stole the show, he was charming and looking around... He obviously loved being on the tarmac with all of the planes around. He was lovely."


But for Juliet, the real highlight was an unexpected moment in the Yukon.

"The royals were in White Horse, Yukon, the only night they've spent away from their children. There was a cultural performance... Lots of musicians, First Nation Canadians there as well.


"There was a little boy, right at the end, who gave a wonderful, wonderful speech to Kate and William. He asked them to come up on stage, which they weren't expecting."

The nine-year-old boy, whose name was Evan James, presented the royal couple with a book, a children's storybook, which had been written by his great-grandfather and his great-uncle.

"He gave a little speech about this book, about how his great-uncle and his great-grandfather had written it together about the Yukon way of life, and his great-uncle J.J.'s dying wish was that the book would be given to a member of the royal family.

"His great-uncle had died in 2012, so this was the realisation of that dream.

"He handed it to Prince William, who was very moved, and even though he wasn't supposed to to speak that night, he chose to speak.

"It was just a really lovely moment; we don't often hear Prince William talk off-the-cuff. He was very confident, very warm and the whole room erupted into cheers. It was a lovely moment."

The importance of the Cambridges

This is Kate and William's second trip to Canada; the first, in 2011, was just three months after their wedding.

But their week-long tour is more than just a sight-seeing mission, and, as Juliet explains, it's important for them to impress upon the Canadians that their monarchy is still relevant.

"The royals here are popular, but there is still an element of Canadian society who wonder why they need the monarchy at all. 

"So it's important for the royal family to come here to hang on to Canada as part of the realm... They are the constitutional monarchy, the Queen is the constitutional monarch of Canada, and Prince William and his family are definitely the monarchy's secret weapon here in Canada."

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Turns out we're not the only ones excited about the appearance of George and Charlotte at tomorrow's garden party at Government House, where the family have been staying; according to Juliet, everyone has been talking about what we can expect from the two cutest royals.


"It still hasn't been officially confirmed, that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be at this party, but of course we're all pretty certain that they're going to be there, and they're going to be playing with other children.

"I think that's going to be quite interesting, because a lot of us wonder what sort of a sharer Prince George is, you know. 

"He's used to very much being in the limelight so I think there might be a few thrown toys around the place!"

We can't wait!

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