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The Story Behind These Blood-Soaked Sneakers

Everyone has different ways of dealing with grief, but for one young paramedic, he deals with a hard day by taking to social media platform Imgur and venting about what he's been through.

On this particular day, the paramedic posted a photo of blood-soaked sneakers, with the caption: “Some of you guys are going to overlook this post. Some of you will make funny jokes about the shoes, and the blood, but know this, a 16yo won’t live to see tomorrow.”

He also commented saying, “I just spent 45 minutes trying to undo this kids mistake, all to no avail. Sometimes it’s to much. And when it is, I turn to Imgur to vent, or catch a couple of laughs.
“Don’t be stupid out there people. Take it from a paramedic.”

Imgur users were fast to speculate what had caused the sneakers to be covered in blood, with many questioning the authenticity of the photo.


According to a report on, within hours, and after being inundated with views and comments, Imgur user 'PewPewHolstered' reshared the image and detailed the story behind it.

“Since so many people are asking what exactly happened, I decided to do a separate post. Know now that I cannot disclose names, numbers, or locations of anyone involved,” he wrote.

“In this particular case, a couple of boys from the local neighbourhood decided they were going to harass a local security guard."

“The Guard kindly asks them to leave the premises, in which case they get rowdy and eventually throw something at the security guard."

“The security guard runs the hooligans off and resumes his post. In no time at all the boys come back with more of their friends, and are armed."

“The security guard asks them to leave once more, and one of the boys responds by firing a round into the air."

“At this time the security guard, who just so happens to have been in a certain branch of the military that is knows for rapid quailing of acts of violence, takes cover and immediately calls for back up."

“While this is going on, the boys start firing at the security guards cover. The officer then utilizes his God given talents, and quickly takes out a few of the boys."

“This breaks the group up, and they all scatter."

“I did all that I could have for him, and even though we were no farther than 10 min away from a trauma centre he did not make it."

“Thanks for the interest guys. I have plenty more,” he concluded.

Once again, this photo swiftly went viral with almost 600,000 views and hundreds of comments.


Image via Imgur

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