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THE Online Trend Should Have EVERY Australian Parent Worried

Teenagers who are as young as 14 are using adult-only dating apps like Tinder and posting pictures of themselves in their school uniforms.

Founder of ySafe Solutions said the underage use of Tinder was ‘rife’ when speaking to Perth Now.

She said many of the students were even using photos of themselves in their school uniforms and mostly attended single-sex private schools.

Ms Foster believes that teens are using it to ‘raise their social status’ among their peers at school.

'But the more and more students that do that, the more that are jumping on board, it becomes sort of a normalised thing to do,' she told Perth Now.

Tinder users must be above the age of 18 to sign up but school-aged teens are lying about it to set up accounts.

Tinder was 'no more immune from people who lie about their age than any other social media platform', a spokesperson said.

Just last week, a man was prosecuted after he was found to be hunting for teenage girls on tinder after he was exposed by a group of Melbourne University students who set up fake profiles pretending to be a 15-year-old girl.

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