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The HORRIBLE News Collaroy Homeowners Are About To Hear

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll be aware of the situation at Collaroy Point.

I say ‘Point’, because many people have suggested that Collaroy Beach is no longer a beach, as the high tide and rough waves have chipped away at the ground, which has transformed into a cliff, leaving people’s backyards non-existent and the foundation of people’s homes showing.

Though the worst of the storms are over, the king tide is still coming in, hitting the foundations of the homes sitting beachside. Residents are literally watching their homes crumble away, unable to do anything.

A disturbing video of the sound the waves are making cracking against the homes has also been released.

The word is that even if the waves don’t wash away the homes sitting at the edge of Collaroy beach, many will have to be knocked down anyway, as the structural damage has already been too much to come back from.

People have reportedly only had one opportunity to go back and pick up a few belongings - and some people haven’t even had that.

More residents were forced to flee their homes with a further 12 building and apartments evacuated overnight before the tide hit between 9pm and 12am.

State Emergency Service workers spent hours sandbagging houses at risk of being pummelled by the seven-metre swell. Though the evacuated residents are unable to return to their homes today, they will be forced to watch from afar as a fresh high tide, due about 10am, hits and does further damage to their homes.

Premier Mike Baird travelled to Collaroy Beach to access the damage.

Source: The Mercury

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