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The Final Moments Of MH17 Victims Revealed

WARNING: Some details below may be distressing for some readers.

After the devastating news that a Malaysia Airlines plane had crashed while flying over Ukraine this year, the final report has indicated exactly how the plane came to crash, as well as the final moments of the victims inside.

After 15 months of research, the Dutch-led investigation team has released their final report of the commercial airliner that was shot down over East Ukraine, killing all 298 on board, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.

According to the report, the Russian-made Buk missile struck the left side of the cockpit, killing crew first, including the pilots, before crashing to the ground.

“Flight MH17 crashed as a result of the detonation of a warhead outside the aeroplane against the left-hand side of the cockpit ... this warhead fits the kind of missile that is installed in the BUK surface-to-air missile system,” Malaysia Airlines Board chairman Tjibbe Joustra.


The report stated: “The impact was entirely unexpected, which means that people were barely able to comprehend the situation in which they found themselves. There was hardly any time for a conscious response.

“The occupants were exposed to extreme factors almost immediately. Depending on variables such as the occupant’s location in the cabin at the moment of impact, the factors were not the same for all the occupants.

“A number of occupants immediately sustained severe injuries as result of the factors, probably causing death. For others, the exposure caused reduced awareness or unconsciousness within moments. It could not be ascertained at which exact moment occupants died, but it is certain that the impact on the ground was not survivable.

“It is likely that occupants were barely able to comprehend their situation. in the course of the crash, the occupants were exposed to extreme factors.”

“There may have been reflexive actions such as clutching the armrests of the seat.”


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