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The Big Decision Made In Schapelle Corby's Case

Schapelle Corby was only spared the death penalty because of her age, according to prosecutor Ida Bagus Wiswantan.

The prosecutor said that he gave Corby a second chance, even though she never admitted she was guilty.

'I felt that Corby can still rehabilitate herself, so the death sentence is not the punishment. If she got the death sentence, she could not rehabilitate. But I felt that Corby has the chance to fix herself,' Wiswantan said. 

'For sure it (the death penalty) was discussed.' 

Corby, now 39, is expected to be deported from Bali on Saturday.
She left prison in 2014 but was unable to leave Indonesia until this month due to her parole conditions.

Corby was urged to report to her parole officer’s office one last time this week before she departs for Australia as she needs to fulfil all her reporting requirements.

The 39-year-old has been largely holed up in her Kuta villa for the past few weeks, as she anxiously awaits the end of her parole on May 27.

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