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Terrifying Moment Cruise Ship Was Hit By 9 Metre Waves

Passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean got a rude shock as the ship passed through what can only be described as an ‘hurricane force storm’ as the ship sailed through the Atlantic Ocean, bound for Port Canaveral in Florida.

Stephen J Burke uploaded a video to youtube showing the 9-metre waves slapping against his cabin window, which at one point was completely covered by the sea as the waves reached their highest peak.

The ship was carrying 4,500 guests and 1,600 crew members and was forced to head back and return to New Jersey due to the rough weather.

Holidaygoers were forced to watch their balcony furniture fly around the outside deck before being flung off the edge with unbelievably force. The ship suffered incredible damage, with shelves flying off the walls and into one another, as the vessel leaned at least 45 degrees.

Four passengers were also injured in the storm. In a video uploaded to Reddit, a passenger, is seen leaning against the window saying, 'we're just staying in one place, hoping not to die.'

His friend says: 'Jesus Christ man. We're underwater, under the third floor.'

All passengers have been given a full refund, as well a considerable discount towards a future cruise… if they’re game.

Source: Daily Mail

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