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Terrifying Footage Shows Child Snatcher Taking 7-Year-Old

The shocking moment a man entered a convenience store in China and picked up the seven-year-old girl at the front counter of her parent’s store has been captured on video.

The seven-year-old was reportedly minding the shop when the man entered the store after noticing the girl at the front counter.

He then looked around the store, seemingly to see if her parents were around, before heading back to the front counter and scooping her into his arms, making his way to the exit.

According to a police statement, the suspect is 36-year-old and is surnamed Huang.

He was seen walking into the convenience store in Cai Bian village of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, on November 7.

There seemed to be no customers in the shop at the time, which gave the man perfect opportunity to snatch the young girl.

At about 6:38pm, Huang was found appearing drunk on the street. He was stopped by onlookers who heard the girl crying out loud for help.

The police arrived shortly and detained Huang for interrogation.

Huang claimed that he had been drinking with his colleagues and had no memory of what he had done to the girl.

The seven-year-old girl did not suffer any injuries, however, it's unclear where her parents were when the incident happened.

We’d like to know the same thing, to be honest.

Source: Daily Mail

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