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Teen Girl Hit In Face With Screw In Blow Dart Attack

A teenager has been arrested after a 15-year-old girl was hospitalised following a random attack with a makeshift blow dart in New South Wales on Saturday.

Candice Hawtin was walking with friends on Wollombi Road in Cessnock when she was hit in the face with a screw from a home-made blow dart.

The incident occurred just after 7pm when a ute allegedly drove past the group and someone inside allegedly fired right at the group of girls.

Candice was struck by the sharp screw just millimetres from her eye and the object became lodged in her cheek bone.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered that the screw had only narrowly missed nerves and arteries.

The teenager was forced to spend the night in hospital with the screw still embedded in her cheek as it couldn’t be removed until specialist plastic surgeons arrived the following day.

“There was blood everywhere. It was horrific,” Candice said to 7 News. “I think it’s disgusting. Who does that to a bunch of teenagers walking on the side of the road? I could have been killed.”

Candice was discharged from hospital on Sunday afternoon just as a 17-year-old boy handed himself in to police.

After speaking with investigators he was arrested and remains in custody.

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