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Tara Brown To Go Before A Judge Today

After spending five days behind bars, Tara Brown and three other Nine Network crew members are set to appear before a judge tonight Australian time.

The arrest came after Tara Brown and her 60 Minutes crew were detained after they attempted to snatch two children and whisk them back to Australia.

According to a report on the Daily Telegraph, Lebanese authorities are expected to charge seven people who were involved in the botch abduction, local media report.

The TODAY Show reports this morning that Channel 9 has recruited a “well-respected criminal lawyer” to represent the staff members.

Reports are they’re in “relatively good spirits” and “being treated well” in jail.

Tara Brown and Australian mother Sally Faulkner are being held in a Beirut detention centre for women, separate from the rest of the crew, who are detained in a male facility.

Nine news boss Darren Wick has just touched down in Lebanon to help with efforts to free the detained crew.

Members of an international child recovery agency are also in custody in Lebanon. The arrests followed their attempt to kidnap Ms Faulkner’s children Noah, 4, and Lahela, 6, from her ex-husband Ali el-Amien.


Noah and Lahela were allegedly snatched from their paternal grandmother on a busy Beirut street by a group of masked men on Thursday.

The children were handed over to Ms Faulkner but the agents and a film crew from the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes were arrested a short time later.

Ms Faulkner was arrested the following day and the children have been returned to their father, who has said he won’t press charges against his ex-wife.

According to a report on the Daily Telegraph, Nine said it was doing its most to support the mother and 60 Minutes crew in Lebanon.

“The last thing our team wanted was to be a subject of their own story,” the network said on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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