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Health Warning Issued To NSW Asthma Sufferers

We hate to break it to you Sydney, but the brain-melting heat isn't the only thing you'll be battling today: NSW Health have issued a warning to asthma suffers ahead of a day that'll be heavy with air pollution.

As the mercury rises, so too do car exhaust and industrial fume levels and the extreme changes in both temperature and air quality can have a nasty effect on people with respiratory conditions, said Asthma Australia CEO Michele Goldman, 

"These conditions cause the muscles around the airwaves to tighten, become inflamed and produce mucus, so the airways become narrow," she told "There is much less space for air to move through, making it harder to breathe."

Ben Scalley, from NSW Health, warned parents to be extra vigilant and to keep an eye on how long their kids have spent outside.

"Ozone levels reach their peak around 7pm in the evening, and tend to be lowest in the morning, so it's best to plan outdoor play in the morning when the day is cooler," he said. 

"Parents should limit the time their children with asthma play outside as they are more susceptible to the effects of ozone pollution."

Ms Goldman added: "If you experience any symptoms or feel your asthma getting worse, take your reliever quickly. If poor air quality and hot weather are triggers, consider staying indoors and avoiding exposure."

Temperatures are set to drop Thursday, but the reprieve will be brief, with the weather warming back up come Friday.

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