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Sydneysiders Warned Of Terror Threat Ahead Of Anzac Day

Just weeks after a car was driven by a "lone wolf" terrorist through crowds of people on London's Westminster Bridge, experts are warning that the threat of a similar attack in Sydney is "higher than ever".

According to The Daily Telegraph, measures like road blocks and barriers are being put in place around the CBD to lessen the likelihood of a vehicle being driven through the crowds of people who will gather to commemorate Anzac Day.

And while intelligence agencies have said there is no specific threat for Tuesday, NSW Police's Anzac Day operational commander, Superintendent Mark Walton, explained that the city would be on high alert.

"In the last year of so, as that tactic has been used, we're more responsive to it, so we do look at vehicle mitigation strategies - that's a really fancy word for trying to block vehicle access to places of mass gatherings," he told the publication.

"Obviously the Anzac march route, the Cenotaph gathering, the Anzac memorial gathering fit that profile.

"We will be doing supplementary things... to provide a growing level of protection around mass-gatherings for Anzac Day, as we have with other events - New Year's or at the cricket."

Terrorism expert Dr Greg Barton also pointed out that, while there had been no "chatter" or suggestion that an attack had been planned, it would be hard to predict a last-minute threat.

"That's something that was less likely a few years ago but is more likely now as people tend to imitate others," he said.

"That's hard because if somebody decides very late in the day they're going to do something, like the Westminster attack, it's very hard to see that coming."

Counter Terrorism Minister David Elliott, though, was quick to assure Sydneysiders that law enforcement and intelligence agencies were working together to ensure the public's safety during Tuesday's commemorations.

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