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Sydney's Heatwave Turns Deadly As One Man Dies While Golfing

A man has collapsed and died while playing golf as Sydney temperatures soared, reaching 43 in some parts of the state yesterday.

Ambulance crews were called to the scene at Woolooware Gold Club at around 1pm, however the 60-year-old man could not be saved.

"It appears the man collapsed in the heat just after lunchtime...and went into cardiac arrest," said Chief Superintendent Alan Morrison in a statement.

"This is a terrible tragedy."

This comes as paramedics in NSW were called out to assist over 50 patients suffering from heat stroke, which they said was an alarming amount of people.

During extreme heat, authorities have warned that people should stay inside, drink water and avoid physical activity.

"People need to understand heat stroke can be a killer and not take their health for granted," said Supt Morrison.

Thankfully, a cool change has passed through the state bringing temperatures in Sydney down to the mid-20s late yesterday afternoon.

Today is also expected to be a great deal cooler throughout NSW with temperatures again in the mid-20s.

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