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Sydney Woman “Lucky” To Be Alive After Being Mauled By Shark

A Sydney accountant has suffered severe injuries after being mauled by a three metre long great white shark in Botany Bay over the weekend.

Anna Shurapey was swimming at Little Congaing beach at around 7pm on Friday evening when she was bitten. It’s been recorded as the first shark attack to occur in botany bay in over 25-years.

The 55-year-old woman suffered serious bite wounds and is now recovering at St George Hospital. The mayor of Randwick has said that Ms Shurapey is “lucky” to be alive.

“I think she’s very lucky to still have her leg…and to survive,” said Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

“I’ve lived in this area for 35 years and we have no knowledge of anything like this before…we’re all a little shocked and concerned.”

Experts have said that bigger sharks such as great white, bull sharks and tiger sharks occasionally enter the Botany Bay area but people in the area should not be concerned.

Instead swimmers are being warned to avoid the ocean during dawn and dusk, which are high risk periods for shark attacks.

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