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Sydney Set To SOAR This Week In Unseasonably High Temps

Sydney’s sweltering Summer is the season that keeps on giving with hot temperatures continuing on from last year well into our first week of April.

In fact, the unseasonably high temperatures in Sydney reached a record high last week after we experienced the warmest first week of April since 1977 at Observation Hill last week.

The warm Autumn weather will continue on today with temperatures predicted to hit 35 degrees in throughout the city this afternoon. This is 10 degrees above the average temperature during April.

It’s expected that a cool change will come through this afternoon and will stick around tomorrow with a top of 25 degrees, but the rest of the week will have temperatures sitting in the low-mid 30s.

The unseasonably warm weather has been caused by a high-pressure system that is bringing a mass of hot air to Australia’s south-eastern states.

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