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Sydney Suburb Of Balmain Set To Lose SECOND Iconic Pub

In Sydney, if you were looking for somewhere to take part in a pub crawl, Balmain was without a doubt one of the top picks.

Plentiful in Iconic Sydney pubs, Balmain had the kind of sophisticated old school feel that drew a crowd, and ANZAC Day? Well, there was nowhere else worth celebrating.

However, over the past few months, the suburb has been undergoing what some might call an inevitable change, it all started with the announcement that the iconic Exchange hotel had been sold and would be closing.

It’s since been revealed that the top floor, at least will be turned into a call centre. This is a HUGE hit for locals and visitors to the suburb. And it was never felt more than on ANZAC Day.

Annually, Beattie street, which runs between the Exchange and Dick’s hotel is closed for the event, and the public are free to wander between the two pubs, playing two-up and celebrating the fallen for their service.

Only this year, there was only one pub open. Now, just as we were getting over the closing of the Exchange, we hear that the iconic Town Hall has also been sold, with plans to turn it into a medical centre.

Locals are distraught over the dismantling of the age old pub culture and are doing everything within their power to stop the sale going through.

The only good news to come out of the Exchange sale, is that they are potentially putting a cheese and wine bar on the bottom level of the pub, to sit underneath the call centre.

It’s called Hancock & Co and is set to open next month.


Source: Daily Telegraph

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