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Sydney Restaurant Serves Up Cooked Steak With Maggots

A Sydney restaurant is in damage control after a patron posted a video online showing her meal crawling with live maggots.

Stella Kim has shared the shocking clip after she went to the The Ranch Hotel, on Sydney’s north shore.

While enjoying an anniversary dinner with her partner, Ms Kim claims she was served a steak that appears to be crawling with larva.

The pub has since issued a statement claiming it takes food safety “very seriously” and has admitted that the crawling larvae found its way into the meal.

Ms Kim told that, “(I) just couldn’t believe if this was real. It was horrible, unbelievable,” 

“Maggots were crawling over and there was a lot of them. It was like a rotten carcass.”

“For a few days we just lost our appetite. It is very hard for me to even [talk about it] now.”

Ms Kim wrote on Facebook, “The Ranch has been saying this happened instantaneously and worms bursted out somewhat like the Big Bang that created our universe,”  

“If someone is [an] expert in biology and thermodynamics, please review the video so that they are educated on food handling.”

Asked if she would ever return to the Ranch hotel, Ms Kim simply replied: “Never”

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