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Sydney Pharmacist Jailed For Selling Cancer Vaccine To China

A Sydney pharmacist who sold a cervical cancer vaccine that is in short supply in Australia to a buyer in Hong Kong says her decision has now ruined her life.

Katherine Gong was initially jailed for her role in selling the lifesaving Gardasil vaccine from her Mosman pharmacy to a buyer in Hong Kong for a staggering $30,000.

Gong, 35, told the Daily Telegraph:

'My entire career was turned on its head and everything I've worked for was ruined due to a reckless decision that should not have been made,'

Gong, who is a University of Sydney graduate was sentenced to eight months in jail for supplying 2,000 vials of Gardisal 9 to a 31-year-old male associate, who then smuggled the drug overseas.

However, her sentence was later reduced to 40 hours community service.

She claimed that she spent seven 'traumatic' nights in jail waiting for her appeal to be heard.


'To say the least it was a very traumatic experience. It was a pretty ugly experience for me, fortunately it was for a very short time,' she said.

Incredibly, Gong insists she was unaware that she was breaking any laws by selling the drug internationally.

'Why would I jeopardise my passion, all that I have worked for and a beautiful pharmacy in Mosman,' she said.

Gong claims her decision to ship the product, was partially inspired by her desire to provide more access to women in Hong Kong.

The owner of the Harmony Pharmacy and Wellness Clinic in Mosman pleaded guilty to three counts of prohibition on wholesale supply of certain substances, and Gong is now fighting the suspension of her pharmaceutical license.

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