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Sydney Man Wins Lotto TWICE In One Week, Raking In Over $2M

One man in Sydney has definitely been hit with the lucky stick after he won over $2 million in the lottery from two tickets in the one week.

The man in his 40s from Bondi took home two division one prizes worth more than $2.4 million altogether after buying two separate tickets from the same newsagent just five days apart.

Since pulling off the unbelievable win, the man has told 9NEWS that he almost missed out completely, revealing that he almost changed the numbers on one of his tickets and actually asked the newsagent if he could exchange it for a different one.

“He said, we absolutely can do that, no problem, but he said - stay with that ticket,” said the man who wished to remain anonymous. “He was right.”

The first ticket won the man $1,020,487.00 in the Monday Lotto draw after the entry saw 30 tickets win in division three and 150 win in division four.

The man then returned to the same newsagent, Bondi Sixway News, and bought a second ticket with some of his winnings. Five days late in the Saturday draw the an won even more money, bringing in $1,457,834.33.

This brought the man’s total winnings to $2,478,321.33 in just one week! The man told 9NEWS that he couldn’t believe his luck and that he was extremely fortunate.

As for what he’s going to do with the money, he says that he isn’t going to be spending it without thought.

“I’m going to invest it very wisely,” he said. “I’m certainly not going to be stupid with it. I’ll get some sound financial advice from my accountant…I did treat myself the other day to a nice new sports car, but other than that I’m going to invest it very wisely.”

The man has said that he probably will buy more lotto tickets in the future, but who wouldn’t with that kind of luck in their hands!

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