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Sydney, Look Out – 45 Degree Temps Are Coming!

Sydney, record breaking conditions have been forecasted as the extreme heat wave continues to hit us.

Forecasters have predicted that there will be no hint of a cool change until the weekend, at least.

Some parts of Sydney will face temperatures into the 40s on Wednesday, and yeah... there is a high of 45 degrees predicted for Friday; we are sorry to say this is not a joke.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned us that there'll be "oppressive conditions". Great.

New South Wales Health Department has said this heatwave is now the worst that the state has had to go through since 2011.

The 2011 heatwave sadly increased the mortality rate by 13%, and the hospital admission rate by 14%.

In these extreme conditions, please be sure to stay safe and hydrate. Stay indoors when possible, and give extra care who those who might need it, including your pets!

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