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Sydney Cycling Group Want Helmets To Be Optional

Already a bugbear for Sydney motorists with bike lanes and convoluted new road rules, now cyclists are rising ire by protesting about being forced to wear helmets for their own protection.

A group calling themselves Free Cyclists are planning a so-called 'protest ride' n Saturday, March 16, against mandatory helmet laws.

The group claim that Australia’s bike laws, which sees cyclists not wearing a helmet face significant fines, are stopping the development of cycling as major form of transport.

This is despite a 2016 report analyzing data from 64,000 injured cyclists which found that helmet use reduces the risk of serious head injuries by 69%.

The Free Cyclists are questioning the legal requirement to wear a helmet, and facing fines if you don’t, actually encourages you to don the head cover, or simply not ride a bike at all.

Australia’s largest bike riding organisation Bicycle Network released a policy review last year demanding a trial to make helmet use optional for riders over the age of 17 when riding on footpaths and on off-road cycleways. 

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