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Sydney Council's Plans To Use Digital Parking Sensors

Mosman Council in Sydney has announced plans to introduce digital parking sensors to issue parking tickets.

The sensors were originally introduced in the lower North Shore's shopping precinct to monitor parking habits, but now there are plans to utilize them to issue parking fines.

However Mosman councillor Simon Menzies told the Mosman Daily he strongly opposes the plan.

'This is just a blatant money-grabbing exercise by the council that will actually deter people from shopping in Mosman,' Cr. Menzies said.

The councillor has started an online petition which claims the sensors will be dire for local business.

According to the website, the sensors will sending a text message to the nearest  parking ranger when someone's parking time limit is about to expire.

'The Ranger can then be in place to issue you a fine the moment your parking time limit expires,' the petition stated.

'This is bad for retail as shoppers will choose other centres that offer 3 hour parking and don’t overpolice parking fines for revenue raising purposes,' the petition said.

The City of Sydney raked up the most revenue from fines for the last 12 months ($40.88million) with the total parking revenue for the state being $191.98 million.

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