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Sydney Council Wants To Ban Cats Going Outside

In an unprecedented move, Randwick City Council is looking to put laws in place that would see domestic cats living indoors permanently.

The council’s new Labor mayor Kathy Neilson has proposed a motion to stop cats going outside and defecating anywhere but in a litter tray.

Cr Neilson wants fines for cats that “run free or defecate in public places of neighbouring properties”.

She also wants to raise registration fees for cat owners.

But not everyone supports the proposal, with Liberal councillor Harry Stavrinos telling

“It’s very unfair to be targeting the owners of cats,” he said.

“It just outrageous. It will not be able to be police these archaic and laughable laws and it will be a huge waste of time.

“We’ve got more serious things to do and it can’t be the cat police and send people out to watch cats defecating on lawns.”

However, Greens councillor Philipa Veitch backed the controversial motion at a council meeting last week, saying:

“There are a lot of issues impacting on our native plants and animals,” she said, according to the Southern Courier.

“They are really under threat … there has been a decline in birds in our area.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner Sally Box said:

“Roaming domestic cats kill about 60 million birds a year,” she told the Weekend Australian in June.

“A large number of threatened species occur in urban areas and I think people don’t appreciate just how far their cats go.

“We’re encouraging people to have their pets microchipped, desexed and contained at night. “We have some cat containment suburbs (in the ACT) and councils across the country are starting to take up the issue.

“It’s not about preventing people from having cats — they are important companions for a lot of people. We’re just trying to encourage responsible pet ownership.”


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