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Stolen Truck Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Western Sydney

A stolen truck has left a trail of destruction in its wake, crashing into a car and ploughing into a home in Sydney's west in the early hours of the morning.

It's believed that the vehicle, which was carrying an excavator at the time, smashed into the parked car on the Great Western Highway in Kingswood and dragged it underneath the truck for some distance.

The truck then mounted the curb, crashed through a fence and straight into the front of a house, causing serious structural damage.

Firefighters at the scene told 9News that they would be there for quite some time, as a large amount of fuel had spilled after the crash.

"The building remains highly unstable. There's a large diesel spill," Inspector Kernin Lambert said. "We currently have firefighters providing fire protection in case we get any ignition off that spilled diesel.

"Our crews are going to be here for quite some time during the salvage operation and we still have major concerns that the building could collapse when the truck is pulled out."

Luckily no-one was home at the time of the crash.

Witnesses at the scene report seeing not one but two men fleeing from the incident and police have launched an investigation in order to find the driver.

As a result of the incident, motorists are being advised to avoid the area as emergency officials work to clear the crash.

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