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Stephanie Scott's Killer's Harrowing Words In Court


Stephanie Scott's killer Vincent Stanford told police he didn't know why he killed the teacher in April 2015, but he "felt like I should", and he "went a little nuts".

A video recording of Vincent Stanford's police interview of April 11 is being played at his sentence hearing in the Supreme Court in Griffith.

In it, Stanford tells police he punched Ms Scott up to 40 times and stabbed her with a knife after seeing her at Leeton High School, explaining, "I think I went a little nuts" and "I just felt like I should do it".

Stanford told police he grabbed the 26-year-old teacher as she went to leave the school, and after she told him, "I'm going, have a happy Easter".

He said he picked her up from behind and put a hand over her mouth and dragged her into a store room before throwing her on the ground.

She struggled but did not scream, he told police.

He began punching Ms Scott in the face, and punched her up to 40 times before stabbing her in her carotid artery with a knife.

Asked why he attacked the teacher he said, "I just felt like I should do it".

"I don't know, l've had mental problems in the past, aggression. I think it just came back," he said.

Stanford told police he'd felt no anger or emotion towards Ms Scott, "just that I had to kill her".

He said when he was 13 or 14 he had spent time in a mental hospital after attacking a teacher.

He admitted he had thoughts of killing people and said, "I think I might have some mental problems".

Ms Scott's family and supporters sat in silence as the video was played to the court.

Stanford sat in the dock and kept his head bowed.

Before the video was played on Tuesday Ms Scott's mother Merrilyn lashed out at the "pathetic" and "despicable" Stanford in an emotional victim impact statement read out in court.

Describing how her daughter's murder had left her in constant emotional pain, Mrs Scott questioned why Stanford - "this despicable person" - had access to schools after he had displayed behaviour that should have raised "a red flag".

"Too pathetic and inept to make a life of his own, he chose to take a life he had no right to," she read in a shaking voice, her husband standing by her side.

"We will never know what she suffered but to know that she suffered at all is difficult to bear."

Source: AAP

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