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Stephanie Scott’s Killer Prepared A Rape Kit Before Attack

Vincent Stanford was surprised to find 26-year-old teacher Stephanie Scott at work during the Easter school holidays last year.

The cleaner, who was 24 at the time, saw Ms Scott preparing a lessons at the school on April 5. She was getting ahead with work before her wedding and honeymoon.

Court documents have revealed Stanford saw Ms Scott and then went home to collect his ‘rape kit’ and returned to wait for her.

“As she walked along the corridor after exiting the administration building Stephanie encountered Vincent Stanford who had been waiting for her, she said to him, ‘I’m going home now, have a Happy Easter’,” the documents reveal.

Ms Scott went to leave when Stanford grabbed her from behind, around the waist, covered her mouth and dragged her into a storeroom where he raped her.

“Stephanie Scott was struggling and trying to yell as Vincent Stanford was dragging her towards the store room,” the facts read.

It’s been reported Stanford then punched Ms Scott several times in the face and stabbed her in the neck to kill her.

He carried her body into her red Mazda car, returned to clean the storeroom, before driving her car to his home that he shared with his mother and brother, Luke.

In the early hours of the following morning, Stanford drove the red Mazda to Cocoparra National Park, 70km from Leeton.

The facts say here he removed Stephanie’s naked body from the boot of her car and placed her on the ground. He then placed tree branches of differing sizes over her lower torso before pouring petrol onto the branches and setting her alight.

Vincent Stanford was arrested and charged for her murder several days later.

Vincent Stanford has pleaded guilty to Ms Scott murder and is set to be sentenced in the Supreme Court in October.


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