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Sorry, But There Are More Cockroaches In Sydney Than Ever

If you have a severe cockroach phobia, this is really not the news you wanted to hear.

It seems that now more than ever, New South Wales and Queensland in particular are experiencing higher volumes of cockroaches than at any other point in recent years.

Roaches are running RAMPANT across Sydney, according to a report on The Daily Telegraph, and it’s all due to a population explosion ignited by the most humid weather we’ve had in YEARS.

“My phone is ringing off the hook,” northern beaches pest controller Nigel Wood said.

Basically, the heat you’re all basking in, is providing EPIC breeding conditions for the creepy crawlies.

All kinds - spiders too!

“They normally lay lots of eggs expecting most to die before adulthood but in these conditions a lot of them are growing up and mating to produce more,” Australian Museum expert David Bock told the Daily Telegraph.

Oh there’s also a HEAP more rats around, for the same reason as the cockroaches.



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