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Temperature In Penrith Forecast For Just Minus Two Degrees

Yesterday we told you that Sydney could look forward to a very welcome warm spell early next week but it seems like we're going to have to get even COLDER before then.

Experts are predicting a sharp dip on Saturday morning, with temperatures expected to get as low as 4C in the city.

If so, the frosty start would break a record, becoming Sydney's coldest morning in a decade.

Try not to worry too much though; Friday's balmy weather might make it difficulty for the mercury to get that low overnight, giving Sydneysiders a much-needed extra couple of degrees.

Unfortunately western Sydney may break a record of its own with temperatures dipping to -2C in Penrith in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It'll be the coldest the area has gotten in 22 years - which, to us, sounds like the perfect excuse to stay in bed an extra hour or two tomorrow.


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