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This Aussie Bloke Built A GIANT Pool Slide In His Backyard

Don't want to have to line up at Wet And Wild?

Why not just build your own GIANT water slide in your own backyard instead?

That's what Perth local Luke Newton did when he came across a massive 3-lane slide and opened his backyard for people to try it out.

A picture of it was posted to social media and was soon shared by The Bell Tower Times, a popular local satire page.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the local council were involved after a complaint from a resident.

"[the complainant] worried about the potential of serious injuries or death from a large waterslide structure on a Heathridge property," City of Joondalup mayor Albert Jacob told WAtoday.

"The water slide leading into a residential pool – is in breach of building and planning laws, specifically posing a serious safety and wellbeing risk as it provides unrestricted access to the pool.

"The land owner has been told the City would not support the structure in its current form due to the safety risks it poses including uncertainty of the stability of the structure."

However, Luke is getting a lot of support from other locals, including the nameless writer behind the Bell Tower Times.

"People hold on to the nostalgia of Australia being a larrikin and relaxed country, and then getting annoyed that local councils wrap red tape around any such attempt to recreate that vibe," the Bell Tower Times creator said.


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