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Perth Shopper Vandalises Double-Parked ACROD Car

A shopper was so incensed by someone’s double-parking at a Perth shopping centre car park, they piled several trolleys against the car’s doors and left a note calling the driver an “asshole”.

The vandalised car was parked in the middle of two standard bays. But had been parked this way after a disabled shopper who had been using the vehicle found all the ACROD spots had been taken.

"I was just disgusted by it," Alex, a witness, told

"The ACROD sticker was clear as day in the windscreen, I can't believe someone has done this to this car.

"Some people are just so ignorant to what an ACROD sticker is and why people need to have that room to open their doors fully [to allow wheelchair access in and out of the car]."

"They'd obviously taken a lot of time to do that for something so ridiculous," she said.

"I really hope the person who did it gets caught because they've damaged a person's car, and even if the person did park like that and they didn't have an ACROD sticker, you don't vandalise someone's property."

Garden City Shopping Centre in Booragoon, south of Perth, confirmed that security were aware of the incident.

"All the ACROD bays in the centre were all taken so that customer unfortunately had to seek an alternative,” a spokeswoman for the centre said.

"It's sad that it was taken that far... [the vehicle] had a wheelchair facility inside the car and had the ACROD sticker."

The Director General of the Disability Services Commission, Dr Ron Chalmers, said an ACROD parking permit did not allow the holder to park their vehicle across multiple standard parking bays regardless of whether Blue ACROD bays were empty or not.

However, he condemned the actions of the vandal.

"It is disappointing that a member of the public has sought to inconvenience a person with a mobility restriction as a protest against their decision to park inappropriately in a shopping centre," he said.

The centre’s spokeswoman said security were understanding of ACROD sticker holders who needed the extra space to park if there were no ACROD bays available, and the person would not be fined.







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