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Shocking Video Of Young Woman Thrown Into Hawkesbury River


Shocking details, and most incredibly, a video, has emerged of the harrowing ordeal suffered by a young woman at the hands of four of her friends.

Police will allege that mother-of-one Brooke Brown, 19, Matthew Leuthwaite and a 17-year-old mother and 16-year-old boy group kidnapped 19-year-old Kayla Kendrigan at Ambarvale in Sydney’s southwest on Saturday night.

It's believed the incident was sparked after Ms Kendrigan called one of the four “a dog” on Facebook.

Incredibly, a few hours after the final arrest, shocking mobile phone footage of the kidnapping was uploaded to Facebook.

In the chilling chilling vision, Ms Kendrigan is shown tied to a metal chair while an unseen male voice says: 

“This ugly f---in bitch here want to call people f---in dogs all right see people …. now she’s the c — tied up in the room … yeah, yeah it’s how it works,” 

Police will allege Ms Kendrigan, who has a missing left arm, drifted in and out of consciousness while she was stabbed, hit with a bat and punched.

She also had her hair hacked off and suffered burns from cigarettes stubbed out on her body.

Police then allege she was forced into the boot of a car that took her to Windsor bridge, before being pushed and falling 20m into the muddy Hawkesbury river below.

The four accused will face court later this year.

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