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Salim Mehajer Set To Appeal Assault Convictions

Former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer looks set to appeal against assault convictions he received after an incident with a journalist while leaving a police lock up over an assault of a taxi driver.

31-year-old Mehajer was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm when he jammed Channel 7 journalist Laura Banks in the door of his car.

The property developer slammed his white Porsche door on the journo as she attempted to question him.

Magistrate Joanne Keogh said Mehajer had been 'hunted' by a 'frenzied media pack' and as a result escaped any further penalty.

She decided that Mehajer was reckless by closing the door on Ms Banks but that he didn't intend to actually her.


The 30-year-old reporter denied she obstructed or provoked Mehajer and claimed she was simply 'just doing her job'.

Ms Banks had a heavily bruised hand after the incident outside the Sydney police station after Mehajer was arrested hours earlier for throwing an eftpos machine at a taxi driver.

Nazir Syed had been hit in the face with the machine outside of the Star Casino.

In March, Mehajer was given a three-year good behaviour bond after he smashed a woman's iPhone.

He was then ordered to undergo anger management training after the incident.

Appeals against his convictions and a good behaviour order are set for hearing on August 14 in NSW District Court.

Daily Mail

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