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Mobile Speed Cameras Put In Places With NO Recent Fatalities

They are meant to be a measure to stop deaths on our roads, but exclusive data from the NSW Government reveals Mobile Speed Cameras are being installed in locations with ZERO recent fatalities. 

This month 113 replacement mobile speed cameras were listed.

The new cameras, which can capture six speeding motorists at once, are "replacements" because the government decommissioned many earlier this year. 

So WSFM Online asked the team at The Centre for Road Safety how many fatalities there have been at the 113 sites where mobile speed cameras will be activated. 

It seemed a logical request - if the cameras are a measure to stop deaths on our roads - surely, we would put them in spots with a high death count?

In response we were given the crash history for 25 cameras. We couldn't get the details on the remaining 88 cameras from the Government. Apparently the information isn't easy to surface (despite its presumed use for deciding where the cameras would be placed). 

Of the 25 locations disclosed, none had more than four fatal crashes recorded over the last 5 years. 

52 percent of locations had one fatal crash. 

36 percent had zero fatal crashes. 

8 percent had three fatal crashes.

And, just one site had four fatal crashes.

Speaking to WSFM Online, Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay said the government needs to be more transparent about why locations are selected. 

“There has been a phenomenal jump in revenue from speed cameras yet we have an increasing number of people dying on roads," she said.

“Road safety has to be more than just putting up a speed camera and mailing a fine to motorists weeks after the incident has occurred.”

“When a site is chosen for a speed camera, that decision should be communicated to motorists. The information that’s provided should include why that stretch of road is being targeted and the number of accidents that have occurred. Currently there is little or no transparency in why these sites are targeted."

But Director of the Centre for Road Safety, Bernard Carlon said the purpose of mobile speed cameras is to reduce speed, which is one of the biggest killers on our roads.

"The purpose and benefit of mobile speed cameras is to reduce speeds across the network through the use of anywhere, anytime enforcement," he said.

"All jurisdictions with a mobile speed camera program across Australia and internationally recognise that this is the main benefit of this type of enforcement.

"Drivers can’t predict what is up ahead and while they may think they are in control and a safe driver, in a crash a drivers speed will determine the outcome."

To see the full list of locations, crashes and fatalities click here.

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