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Rebel Wilson To Return To Court

A magazine publisher's move to fight Rebel Wilson's record $4.5 million defamation payout will be a "chance to expose more of their disgraceful practices", the star says.

The publisher of Woman's Day defamed the Pitch Perfect and Fat Pizza star in a series of eight articles during May 2015 portraying her as a serial liar about her age, real name and childhood.

Bauer Media will appeal the $650,000 in general damages and $3,917,472 in special damages it was ordered to pay by the Victorian Supreme Court in September.

"It's important for us to revisit this unprecedented decision on the quantum of damages, which also has broad implications for the media industry," the company's general counsel Adrian Goss said in a statement.

In a series of tweets, Wilson said she was not surprised Bauer was appealing "considering their disgusting history."

"I am disappointed that this now delays my plans to support Australian charities and Australians in the entertainment industry," she said.

"Nevertheless if this is a chance to expose more of their disgraceful practices & present more evidence on damages, I welcome it ...

"Thank you so much to the past and present employees of this media organisation who have come forward with helpful information."

Bauer claimed Wilson invented "fantastic stories in order to make it in Hollywood".

An all-female Victorian Supreme Court jury sided with the 37-year-old comic star following a four-week trial in June, with Justice John Dixon subsequently admonishing the publisher for wrongly damaging her "reputation as an actress of integrity".


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