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Popular Children's Playground Invaded By Dozens Of Snakes

Nobody wants to see a snake slithering around near them but let's be real, we chose to live in Australia and so it's just an inevitable part of our lives Down Under that we'll come across a few of the slippery suckers during our time.

Though in saying that you surely wouldn't expect to see a nest of snakes, let alone 20 of the spine-tingling creatures in the one spot...but one unfortunate neighbourhood has experienced just this.

And what's even scarier? The new popular gathering place for the snakes is in a children's playground, leaving many parents to believe that it is no longer safe for their kids to play there.

The park in question, Warriewood Valley Rocket Park, is located on Sydney's Northern Beaches and parents are becoming so concerned about the influx of snake sightings in the area that they say it's only a matter of time before a child is bitten.

"It's more of a fear now," said mum of two young boys Stacey Mitchell.

"You don't mind seeing one in their natural habitat but when you start seeing more and start to get worried."

Mrs Mitchell has claimed that in the past two months she has been made aware of up to 20 snake sightings in the popular playground including diamond pythons, eastern brown snakes and red-bellied black snakes.

Concerned residents have started a Facebook group to warn others when a snake is spotted and a new snake sighting is usually posted every two or tthree dadys.

Mrs Mitchell has urged the Northern Beaches council to take action before it's too late.

"There are so many young children in the (Warriewood) valley now," she said.

"What will it take? A young child to be hospitalised before the council says, 'We'd better do something."

The general manager of environment and infrastructure for the local council, Ben Taylor, has said that staff have visited Rocket Park and were currently working on ways to maintain the park to discourage potential snake movement.

"While snakes are a natural part of our environment, we urge residents to exercise caution and stay safe outdoors this Summer."

If anyone is bitten by a snake they are advised to firmly bandage the area and remain still to stop the spread of the venom. Medical attention should be sought immediately.

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