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Police Dispute Salim Mehajer's Claim His House Was Robbed

Disgraced former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer is claiming that his mansion was robbed while he was in jail.

The 30-year-old property developer told Daily Mail Australia that over $2million of personal belongings were taken by friends while he was spending time behind bars on a string of charges.

Mehajer claimed:

'The police have been helpful so far and have helped me recover some but not all of my assets. Investigations are underway, this time helping me prosecute these low life criminals,' .

'A lot of people thought I’d never be out anytime soon - so people began looting,'

'Vehicles, bikes, jewellery, boats, clothing and a large sum of cash [were taken]. I was hoping they would leave me a pair of sunglasses.'

The look of being deliberately dressed to match ...

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However, NSW Police say they haven't received any report in regards to Mehajer's home in Vaucluse.

Mehajer, was jailed in January after allegedly staged a car crash to avoid attending court over an assault charge.

He applied for bail four times before he was successful, and the former Deputy Mayor of Auburn says it was these tumultuous months that led to his home being burgled.

'Whilst I was away, many people thought that I was gone, and were very surprised when I was granted bail,'

'My neighbours captured some of the [alleged taking] on CCTV.'

Mehajer said he plans to move back into his 'luxury home' on Macdonald Street, or another location in Sydney's east soon.

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