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Perth Zoo Lion Dies During Dental Surgery

Perth Zoo's beloved 14-year-old African lion Mandela has died during surgery to have several fractured teeth removed.

Spokeswoman Danielle Henry said on Tuesday that it was a "textbook procedure" but Mandela suddenly suffered heart failure.

Veterinary dentist Lian Yeap with other surgery team members.

Veterinary dentist Lian Yeap with other surgery team members

"Our team is absolutely devastated," she said.

Ms Henry said the medical team resuscitated Mandela with CPR twice, but he could not be revived a third time.

Mandela and his brother Nelson, who died earlier this year from pneumonia, came to Perth Zoo from Queensland in 2007.

Only 17-year-old lioness Shinyanga remains at the zoo, but it is not yet known if she can stay or will be moved to another location.

The life expectancy for African lions in the wild is 10 to 14 years, but in zoos they can live longer due to the high-quality diet and veterinary care.


Pic credit: Eliza Laschon, ABC News

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