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Pauline Hanson: What I'd Do If I Were PM

Pauline Hanson has revealed her plans for change if she were to become Prime Minister.

The One Nation leader has revealed couples should have to enter into compulsory pre-nuptial agreements to help end Family Court delays and decisions, and she would also get rid of the GST and look at a plan for a flat 2 per cent tax rate that would apply to all Aussies, even those on welfare.

Under a Hanson government foreign companies that owned 'critical' Australian assets would be forced to sell them back to the Commonwealth.

Taxpayers would fund initiatives to get young people into apprenticeships, manufacturers would receive tax incentives to create jobs in Australia, and full head coverings, such as the burqa, would be banned in public.

She would cut the number of politicians, reduce migration, and bring in an Australian identity card to stop welfare fraud, set up a royal commission into Islam, and build more dams, railways and ports.

Speaking to News Ltd Senator Hanson said:

“Family law is high on my agenda. I just think it needs a complete overhaul. It needs court-approved premarital agreements on finance and parental issues."

So before someone goes into a relationship or a marriage, you must have a premarital agreement. It would be confidential (and lodged with courts)."

“We’ve got to free up our court system. It’s overloaded. A lot of judgments aren’t being handed down for years.”

Senator Hanson continued:

“People see me as I could be their sister, their mother, their neighbour next door,’’  

“They don’t see me as a career politician ... They’ve seen me running a small business, rearing kids by myself.

"They see this person, I’ve had knockdowns, I’ve been in prison, I’ve come out of there and guess what? They haven’t beaten me, I’ve got up again. They can throw everything at me and I’ll still keep doing what I believe in."

“I don’t change my tune, whichever way the polls are going. If you look at what I said 20 years ago, it’s exactly what I’m saying today. I’m a type of person who can make a decision. The past makes you more aware of what not to do in the future.” 


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